How to Find a Job

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Many people that are currently receiving or seeking help from benefits programs are only seeking temporary aid while on their journey to become fully self-sufficient. They could be temporarily out of work, recovering from a disability or under paid and in need of a higher paying job.

This article is a guide to assist those who are looking for employment, find a suitable job. Read on for employment options you may not be aware of:

Please note, those who are receiving benefits from assistance programs will want to check with the program before accepting work. Short-term work may could a positively or negatively impact your benefits program eligibility depending on the benefits you are receiving. Be sure you are ready to be employed by checking with your benefit agency before starting your search for employment. 

What are recruiting agencies?  

Recruitment (Employment) Agencies. Also known as headhunters, these are organizations that help companies locate the ideal candidate for their job openings by prescreening resumes and applicants for the most appropriate positions. These services are working to meet the needs of large and small companies seeking to hire and fill their positions. These are generally management positions.  The benefits of using a Recruitment Service company in your search for employment is:

*Quantity and Quality increase of Jobs. It is likely that these firms will have access to many jobs that aren’t being advertised.

*Agencies are working on your behalf. In other words, an experienced team is searching for your employment opportunities.

What is a staffing agency and how do they differ from a recruitment agency?

Staffing Agencies, operate in a similar way as Recruitment agencies. However, staffing agencies differ by having access to more short-term positions. A Staffing firm could be the quickest option to finding a short-term job. 

The pros to working with a staffing agency are:

  • Quicker job placements. Time is money, and every day you‘re out of work can be costly. 
  • The Option to work in new positions. Experiencing jobs in new fields can give more perspective on what you want to do permanently.
  • A current job and income while you search for your ideal position. It’s usually easier to find a job when you have a job.
  • Staffing agencies will have more temporary positions and entry-level positions and management positions.

If you are looking for management positions. You might be better off starting your search with a Recruitment (Employment) agency. If you are looking for a quick entry level position a staffing agency will likely be a better fit for you to start your search.  

Do employment agencies charge for their services? In most cases they do not. Employment and staffing agencies will negotiate their services with their clients (employers) and will not charge you for their services. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you contact employment or staffing agencies: 

Be professional. Treat each agency the same way you would if you were contacting an employer directly. Be polite, functional, available, honest and clear about your needs, experience, resume, etc.

Be available. Show that you are eager to find a job. Be careful to turn down multiple job opportunities from any one agency. They may see this as a sign that you are not serious about finding employment.

We suggest to those who are looking for a job to utilize as many resources as possible. You may find your ideal job at a staffing or recruitment agency or even on a publicly listed job offer.

Government job resources online may help you find job such as:

If you have a career and would like to stay in your field here are a career locating sites that we recommend: 

  • is your online resource to simplify the qualification process for various assistance programs at a local, state and federal level.