Home Energy Assistance

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Home Assistance (LIHEAP) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is a program designed to set aside resources at the federal level to help families with their energy bills related to:

  1. Residential energy costs and bills.
  2. Energy emergencies.
  3. Weatherization and small home repairs, such as roofing or insulation issues that are affecting the homes energy efficiency.

How To Qualify For LIHEAP

Many families struggle financially to meet their energy costs. Recent government polls show nearly a third of households that are employed and working, cannot meet their energy costs each month. Low Income Energy

We want our readers to be aware of LIHEAP and how to qualify. Did you know the Federal Reserve discovered that nearly a half of families in the states would not be able to afford an emergency cost of $400? This is exactly what this Programs is intended for, needy families receiving the funds they need to meet their basic human needs.

Each state has a LIHEAP local office. Standards for qualifications are set locally and differ state to state. The fastest way to see if you qualify for LIHEAP in your states is to call the National Energy Assistance Referral Hotline 1866-674-6327

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