How to Qualify For Food Stamps (SNAP)

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What is SNAP?

The federal government created SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to provide resources to a needy family’s food budget. They designed the program to assist families that cannot meet their nutritional needs by providing qualified applicants funds each month to purchase healthy food and also grow towards becoming self-sufficient.

What Are The Income Limits For SNAP?

We encourage our readers to have a good idea that they meet the eligibility requirements before applying so they don’t apply in vain. Note, SNAP was designed to help low-income families. Before applying, know your total household income and have a good idea that your household is considered low-income in your state. To do this include every family member’s income, combine and add the incomes to get the total net and gross income of your household. A general breakdown of income limits are: Household size of 1 person, Gross (before taxes) income limit is $1,354 and net (after taxes) income limit $1,041. For each additional household member add + $479 (Gross) and for Net income add +$369 to the total limit. For example, a household size of 2, income limits are $1,832 (Gross) and $1,410 (Net) per month. Follow the chart below to clarify.

How To Prepare For A SNAP Application

Each states manages SNAP programs through their own offices and websites. Use this State SNAP Directory, locate your state and contact your state’s snap office or apply online.

Be Aware that you can apply for other Benefit Programs during the SNAP application. Have supporting documents prepared.

Documents To Bring To Your SNAP Interview:

  • Utility bills
  • Proof of income (Pay Stubs, Tax Returns)
  • Bank Statements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Mortgage (if you own a home)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Child Care Expenses

These documents are to help your local SNAP offie determine what percent of a families net income can be spent on nutrition. Monthly benefits are based on a families expenses and the number of members in the family.

How Much Will SNAP Pay For Monthly SNAP Benefits?

Your state will require proof of residency. Below are examples of proof of residency below. 

  • Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate
  • SSN (Social Security Card)
  • State ID Card

Please make a note that if you are currently receiving Social Security Income (SSI) or other benefits through other assistance programs, your household may already be deemed eligible for SNAP benefits previous to your application. We advise that you notify your state’s SNAP office prior to the application if you are currently receiving assistance.

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