Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

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The purpose of CHIP (Children Health insurance Program) is to make affordable, effective health insurance available to below average income households with children 19 years or younger. It is a very good idea to look into CHIP if you are a low income household with children that are currently not covered by private insurance policies or Medicaid.

In our opinion the process of applying, better yet, qualifying for CHIP is relatively simple. Just be sure to comply with the rules and regulations that the program requires.

Some of the general qualifications for eligibility are: children must have U.S citizenship or be an Alien with legal standing, a resident of the state they’re applying for, under 19 years of age and currently not insured or eligible to be covered by the Medicaid Program.

How To Qualify For CHIP?

In order to qualify applicants must have a yearly gross income per household that is lower than the Maximum Income allowed per Year. Since CHIP is regulated federally and statewide, income levels differ per state. For most states a single person household limit is just shy of $25k and each additional household member adds $8,840 to the total income limit. Contact your local CHIP office to make sure your income levels qualify with your state’s income limits before applying.

Where And How To Apply

There are a few options to consider when applying for CHIP. Before applying, it’s a good idea to have on hand the appropriate documentation to confirm identification, gross income (income prior to taxes) and your current residence, such as a lease or utility bill.

  1. Contact your local CHIP office and fill out the application in person. A google search should reveal the nearest CHIP office to you.
  2. Online, this is typically the fastest and most effective way to apply. Login to your states CHIP website and create an account. You will need to complete the application with an electronic signature.
  3. Mail in application and supporting documents, this should be the last option as it will take the longest to process.

Please note, expect to wait few weeks before hearing back. Be sure to have the application filled out and all sections and questions completed. Call the local CHIP office to address any questions you may have. Be sure supporting documents are correct and attached to the application. Any mistakes can delay the application process or potentially cause an applicant to be denied. If applications are denied an outline will be sent to you that describes how to appeal the decision.

Some good news, after applying for CHIP many states will also determine your qualifications for other assistance programs. These include SNAP or nutritional assistance, cash assistance, Section 8 Medicaid. Click Here to learn more about SNAP

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